who i am

hi there and welcome to my little corner on the internet. as you can probably already guess, my name is sara. i'm nineteen years old, half swiss, half italian, and have been living in a small swiss village for the past eighteen years of my life.

i fell in love with reading when i was four years old. to me, written words are a powerful form of expression, capable of creating magic and providing comfort, which is what i hope i can do by sharing my own. it has always been my dream to one day publish a book and i'm determined to make it happen.

something i always try to live by is this: question what's seen as normal instead of blindly going with it and dare to do something different. i don't believe in unwritten rules or societal norms, i believe in following my own path, doing what feels right to me and embracing the complexity of my whole being.

i also believe in compassion, kindness, and open-mindedness. 

being out in nature makes my soul very happy, so does sunshine, the sky, travelling, walking around to explore new places, and listening to the sound of the ocean.

i'm dreaming of a simple yet fulfilled life and, most importantly, whatever it is i end up doing and wherever i'll end up being, i'm striving for the feeling of freedom and belonging.

here's a little note to myself and all the creative individuals out there:

all those fears you have // your fear of failure, your fear of judgement, your fear of not being good enough // they'll only hold you back // keep doing what you love, keep creating

-much love, sara x